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Wireless Credit Card Machines

In the past the only payment options available to mobile merchants were either cash or check. Cash became more and more inconvenient to customers as credit cards became more common, and checks became more and more risky for merchants to accept due to fraud. But now mobile merchants have a new option: wireless credit card machine technology from Complete Merchant Services.

Whereas previously mobile retailers and service providers were severely limited by the kinds of payment they could accept, our cutting-edge wireless credit card machines for small business merchants open up a whole new world of opportunities!

First Data FD400Ti

The First Data FD400Ti terminal enables you to receive the full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks and EBT, all from a single provider   more

Nurit 8020

The NURIT 8020 is the leading handheld wireless POS device. This secure and sophisticated solution offers a wide range of communication options for mobile markets everywhere. An impressive array of advanced features and powerful processing capabilities make the NURIT 8020 an ideal platform for on the go transactions   more

Verifone Vx670

The Verifone Vx670 features an easy-to-hold, tapered design and a surprisingly large, high-contrast, backlit display that allows use under any lighting condition. Lightning-fast processing and easy-to-change rechargeable batteries keep customers, employees and your business on the move   more


How Wireless Credit Card Machine Processing Works

The mobile merchant slides the customer’s card through the wireless credit card machine and enters the sale amount. The terminal connects to a radio tower using a technology similar to a cell phone, and sends the credit card information and amount of the purchase to Complete Merchant Services’s processor.

Our processor then passes the credit card information and sale amount onto the bank that issued the credit card. The issuing bank checks to see if the credit card is valid and if the amount requested is available on the card, then sets aside the amount of the purchase for the mobile merchant.

The issuing bank sends an approval number or a decline message back to Complete Merchant Services’s processor.

This message is then passed back to the wireless credit card machine. It only takes about 3-15 seconds to complete this entire process (depending on the available coverage and network traffic).

At the end of the day the mobile merchant manually settles the day’s batch of transactions. The funds from these transactions are transferred from each card issuing bank and deposited into the merchant's checking account within two business days from the time of the original transaction.

Our wireless credit card machines are ideal for any mobile business, including:
  • Trade Shows, Expos, Craft Fairs, Flea Markets and/or Kiosks
  • Mobile Car Washes / Auto Detailing Services / Auto Repair
  • Pizza and Food Delivery
  • Plumbers, Roofers, Repair Companies, Home Inspection Companies
  • Food Trucks, Hot Dog Stands, etc.


Complete Merchant Services offers a wide variety of new and used credit card machine options, including merchant credit card machines, online credit card processing and mobile credit card machines. For more information on our portable credit card machine options, call us today toll-free at (800) 368-9246.