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First Data FD400Ti

First Data FD400Ti

The First DataT FD400Ti terminal enables you to receive the full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks and EBT, all from a single provider. Plus, with the "store-and-forward" capability, you can ensure card-present credit card processing rates when there is no signal at the time of the transaction.

The FD400Ti wireless credit card machine is light and ergonomically shaped for true mobility and flexibility. It utilizes 3G technologies to connect wirelessly over AT&T's GPRS network, which means you'll be getting the fastest data transmissions and more coverage area for your business. The multi-application platform supports a full range of payment and value-added services. It provides fast, efficient downloads while meeting MasterCard POS Terminal Security (PTS) requirements.

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First Data FD400 Sales Sheet
First Data FD400 Manual
First Data FD400 Demonstration


First Data FD400 Features

  • Compact design with sleek titanium look
  • Full First Data processing product set
  • Multi-application platform for all payment and value-added services
  • Meets MasterCard POS Terminal Security requirements
  • Hardware/software support for 3G technologies, which provide more connection options

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